About Us

The company was established and exists since 15.12.1995. Our production is based on the primary and final wood processing.

During the past years the company developed into a modern wood-processing company. At beginning main activity of the company was primary wood processing (sawn timber, match-boarding on ceilings and/or floor). In 2002 the company invested in new equipment and start production of glued elements. In 2007 new equipment for production of glued element was bought, the production was expanded and new equipment improved production process of glued elements.

During its existence, the company always strived to respond on customer demand. As results the company has a large number of regular customers.

Most of our products are exported to Western European market.

Main products of the company are:
  • sawn timber
  • board
  • wood lath
  • wood strip flooring and wall cladding
  • finger-join elements
  • finger-join plates
  • briquettes

Address: Pribava bb
75320 Gracanica
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ID Number: 4209197010003
VAT number: 209197010003
Tax number: 03280792
Registration: Cantonal Court Tuzla U/I-56/04

Bank accounts:
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank dd.: 1542002000241575
Raiffeisen Bank dd.: 1610250005590060
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