Glued wood elements

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Glued elements with 2, 3 and 4 layer bonding

Production of glued elements starts with selection of high quality timber from which we get raw-material for elements. After cutting of timber row-material is placed into pallet for drying.

Raw-material is artificially dried in dry kiln with constant supervision of professional staff at humidity of 12 ± 2%. After drying process row-material is sorted by quality and method of cutting.
Dimensions of elements:

72 x 86 mm RTR
72 x 95 mm RTR
63 x 86 mm RTR
63 x 75 mm RTR
48 x 95 mm RTR
84 x 86 mm RTTR
84 x 95 mm RTTR
96 x 95 mm RTTR
96 x 86 mm RTTR

Finger-joint elements - length up to 6000 mm
72 x 86 mm- Finger-joint
72 x 95 mm- Finger-joint
63 x 86 mm- Finger-joint
63 x 75 mm- Finger-joint
48 x 95 mm- Finger-joint
84 x 86 mm- Finger-joint
84 x 95 mm- Finger-joint
96 x 95 mm- Finger-joint
96 x 86 mm- Finger-joint

Elements where first layer (face) is made from one part (not finger join) – length up to 3000 mm.
Elements where first layer (face) is finger joint – length up to 6000 mm.
All elements are three-layer bonding.

Solid wood boards (finger joiner plate) we produce in various classes and sizes, length up to 3000 mm, width up to 800 mm.
Elements for massive doors production (friezes for doors and friezes for door frame) we made in two classes:
I class where first layer (face) is made from one part (not finger join),
II class where first layer (face) is finger joint.

Preparation for glueing:

Before bonding elements are treated by rotary lathes which gives flat surface and opens the pores, which allows better bonding (glue will fill those pores).


For width connected boards we use glue RAKOLL D4.

Wood type:

All elements are made from Fir and Spruce.

The elements are tested with the Engineering Faculty of Sarajevo, Department of Mechanical Wood Technology, No. 1261003.

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