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Environmentally clean briquette without admixture of glue or other bonding components.

Diameter: 70 mm
Length: approximately 70 mm

The briquettes are packed in plastic bags.
Weight of bag: 25 kg
Number of packages in a pallet: 40 bags
Pallet Weight: 1000 kg
Light Wood Pellets
Natural tree wood without additives.
We use the best sawdust and shaving from the softwood.
Packaging: PVC bag, 15kg

Type of wood: Fir –Spruce
Water content: 6,38 %
Ash content: 0,44 %
Gross calorific value: 20144 kJ/kg-5,60 kWh
Net calorific value: 18796 kJ/kg-5,22 kWh
Tested by Energetika Ljubljana.
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